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After my abortive attempt to interest Vanessa in swinging, by putting us on a certain website, (Read "Fucking the wife") the idea kind of died a natural death.

We didn't talk about it much for a couple of years, and our sex life continued as normal -- with a frequency far in excess of what "normal" married for 13 years couples would engage in.

In that 2 years Vanessa -- for reasons of her own -- decided to lose some weight.

Not that she was the slightest bit overweight to begin with, but she started dieting and exercising, and as I watched my wife shrink everywhere except her boobs, I noticed an attitude change in how she carried herself, and how she dressed.

Previously she was demure and reserved, but slowly she started buying and wearing tighter clothes and lower necklines, and was it my imagination or did her walk develop more of a confident swagger.

Now instead of a one piece fairly conservative cut bathing suit with the sides barely showing any leg, she was buying tiny bikinis showing almost all her side boob, and cut so high that all her leg and 90% of her butt cheeks were showing.

When she tried it on at home, seeking my approval, I was so instantly aroused that I locked the bedroom door, bent her over the bed, stripped the bikini bottoms off and pounded her pussy doggie style till I came -- which took all of 20 seconds. That was the effect she had on me.

The first time she wore it to the beach she was too scared to come for a swim, as her body confidence hadn't kicked in yet. I eventually convinced her and although initially self-conscious she soon began to enjoy the stares she was getting.

No doubt a lot of guys looking had the same thought that I did the day in the bedroom.

Some of her jeans looked painted on, and paired with her tight tops stretched over her bulging breasts she looked incredible.

Everywhere we went I'd notice guys looking discreetly sideways at her, and I couldn't have been more proud if I was walking next to a Victoria's Secret model.

On her 40th birthday she stood naked in front of the mirror beside the bed, and asked me "What do you think of your 40 year old wife?"

I looked at her from her beautiful face framed by her long jet black hair, down past her perfect tits with the big dark nipples, her concave stomach, the mound of her freshly shaved pussy, the curve of her slim but shapely hips, and her toned tanned legs.

She did a pirouette, and her tight ass enticed me to jump out of bed and grab her, push her down on her knees on the floor, and while wishing her a happy birthday and telling her how instantly horny her incredible body made me, I proved it by showing her how hard I was.

Vanessa gets aroused when I get aroused, and vice versa, and she hungrily devoured my boner with long deep thrusts of her mouth. I would have cum in her mouth, but it was her birthday -- so I pushed her back on the bed, spread her legs and dined on her creamy pussy.

Only when she was done did I plunge myself into her, and satisfy myself.

Vanessa had for a long time been playing "Words with friends" on her iPhone, and she started talking to this guy from London.

She would occasionally mention him in passing, and would ask if I minded her talking to him? It was obvious there was some flirting going on, and she would tell me some of the stuff he told her like "she was beautiful, and sexy" and stuff like that. I told her it didn't bother me, and I was secretly curious to see how far they would go? One day she told me that he had told her he was bi-curious and wanted to talk to me.

She seemed pretty keen for me to talk to him, and apparently, she had already told the guy that I was bi too, and had a huge thick cock (that's overselling it babe -- but thanks anyway).

I asked her what her intentions were for me to talk to him, but she just wanted me to chat and see how we got on.

I suspected that she had a more ulterior motive than just friendship, so I decided to play along and see what happened.

I spoke to Josh and he seemed like a perfectly nice fellow, and he told me how nice and beautiful my wife was, and how lucky I was to have her. Of course I totally agreed with him, and I found his interest in my wife quite a turn on. I had to go to work, but I left my wife talking to him, and I was curious to see what would happen after I left.

When I returned home later that night, my wife told me that Josh wanted to watch us have sex and we could in turn watch him jerk off.

"Josh told me he's got a 9" cock." Vanessa said, and I could see that she really wanted to see it.

Or maybe she already had?

My wife seemed pretty excited by the idea of having sex in front of him, and watching him jerk off, and frankly I was surprised to see this side of her, as she can tend towards the "Vanilla" and is normally pretty reserved.

She kept saying "only if you want to" -- but I could see she was very excited about putting on this show for Josh, and maybe even more excited about seeing his cock?

She said she felt safe as the guy was a long way away, and therefore it was more fantasy play than reality. She logged on to the kik app and we found Josh waiting for us -- shirtless and in boxers. My wife was in her negligee and G string, and I was dressed in my undies and a T-shirt, but I immediately undressed when I saw how ready Josh was.

Josh and Vanessa made some small talk, and I could sense my wife was quite awkward -- probably because I was there, and she wasn't too sure what she should say?

I told her to relax, and that she could say whatever she wanted. I then positioned myself behind her as she sat cross legged on the bed. I put my legs on either side of her and my growing erection pressed against her ass.

I could sense my wife was very nervous, but excited at the same time. Her voice had a quiver to it, and even her body was shaking slightly.

I was actually pretty nervous too, and wasn't sure how this thing was going to go down.

As she talked I started slowly caressing her tits and erect nipples, and then I slowly pulled her shoulder straps down, exposed her tits so Josh could see them.

Vanessa wasn't the least bit inhibited thrusting her boobs out for Josh's inspection, and it turned me on to expose her like that, and to see her exhibit herself to Josh.

He was duly impressed, and for good reason. Vanessa has delicious tits, and her nipples are dark and large and in this instance -- fully erect.

I then butted into the conversation and asked Josh to show us his cock.

He had told her it was 9"- but who believes that - but as he removed his boxers and his erect cock jumped out my wife exclaimed "OH MY GOD." I couldn't see properly so my wife gave me the phone and I shared her enthusiasm. His cock was huge and thick -- probably around 8," slightly bent and uncircumsized. Very impressive indeed, and I felt pangs of jealousy -- even though my own cock is quite nice.

My wife gushed over his cock. "Oh my god Josh, it's so big and thick. I want to suck that so bad. Oh my god." She looked at me and asked, "Are you OK with me saying that babe?"

I replied "Sure. I want to watch you suck him, and I want to watch him fuck you with that as well."

"I want to suck that too Josh. Are you OK with that? Me and the wife both giving you a blow job."

"Yeah Mike, I want you and Vanessa to both suck me -- to get me hard before I fuck her." He replied.

I then filmed Vanessa taking off her negligee, and she was about to remove her G-string when I stopped her.

I made her get on all fours on the bed with her ass up in the air, and I kept filming as I ran my hands over her naked back, and over her perfect round ass.

Josh kept expressing his appreciation for Vanessa's body, with breathless gasps as he wanked himself. I removed Vanessa's G-string, and inserted my fingers into her already dripping wet pussy, always filming the action for Josh. Vanessa writhed and groaned around my fingers, sticking her ass up in the air.

She then started fingering herself, deep and hard, and running her hand over her pussy mound.

My wife has never been big on me watching her masturbate, so I was enjoying this immensely, especially when she kept telling Josh how much she wanted him to fuck her, and cum inside her.

The next 10 minutes were spent with me and Vanessa swapping the camera between each other so we could film the various shots and angles Josh was after. Vanessa sucked my cock and balls, and I ate her pussy, and we filmed close ups of all that and her wet pussy with my cock thrusting inside.

All the while we watched Josh slowly and rhythmically stroke and wank his impressive cock, which was oozing precum and seemed to grow larger and more swollen with each minute.

As he watched us he gave a running commentary of how gorgeous Vanessa's tits and ass were, and how much she seemed to be enjoying my cock. He also told her how much he wanted her to suck him, and how he wanted to fuck her, and everything he asked her he always qualified with a "Are you OK with this Mike?" which I found very polite and respectful. My wife did her part following all his instructions submissively, and still found time to flatter and praise his huge member.

"Oh Josh, your cock is so beautiful I want to suck it and feel it inside me. Mike wants to suck it too -- don't you babe. Mike and I both love your cock and we're going to suck all your cum out together.

I want your hot cum on my face Josh."

I had never heard my wife talk like this to somebody else, and the more she exclaimed how much she wanted his cock the harder I got. I took a break from the action to go to the drawer and get our 8" realistic dildo. I positioned myself in a spooning position with Vanessa, and entered her from behind. I gripped her thighs and spread her legs and Vanessa held the camera so Josh could get a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

I put the huge dildo near Vanessa's mouth and she hungrily sucked it.

"That's the way -- suck that cock." Josh breathily exclaimed. "Take it so deep you gag on it."

Vanessa started deep throating the dildo, and gagging around it, as I fucked her from behind.

She pulled it out of her mouth, and trailing strings of saliva she thrust it into mine.

"That's it. Make him suck me. I'm going to cum in his mouth." Josh panted, as Vanessa thrust the giant cock in and out of my mouth.

"Make him gag on my cock." He demanded, and Vanessa thrust it further into my mouth, and I obligingly made gagging sounds around it.

"Mike wants to suck you for real Josh, and I'm going to help him." She said.

"I'm going to wank you off in Mike's mouth!"

"Oh my god I'm going to cum Josh. Mike's fucking me so hard. He's so turned on by your cock Josh..."

Vanessa came with loud breathy grunts, and then I came inside her as she fucked my mouth with the dildo, and then we asked Josh to cum so we could watch.

But Josh had other ideas.

"I want to watch you fuck yourself with the dildo Vanessa. I want to see it deep inside you."

I've always wanted to watch my wife put on a dildo show, but she has always been too reserved and shy. Now she seemed so turned on by the situation that she had no hesitation in spreading her legs and sliding the dildo deep inside herself, and she asked me to hold the phone while she worked the dildo inside her, and with the other hand she caressed her tits and clitoris.

She was so wet, and her pussy was full of my cum which coated the huge fake cock with a creamy layer, and make loud "squelching" sounds as she worked it in and out.

"That's the way Vanessa. Imagine me deep inside you. I'm going to fuck you so hard. I want to fuck your ass too. Do you want that Vanessa? Me inside your ass? Say it." Josh demanded.

"I want you Josh. I want you inside me. I want you in my mouth, my pussy, deep in my ass. I want your cum inside me. OH GOD! FUCK! JESUS! I'M COMING AGAIN JOSH! FUCK ME!!"

I watched her thrust the dildo deep inside herself, and her body arched up and spasmed. I went down on her and enjoyed her writhing under my mouth as I licked her clit and cleaned her juices and my cum off the dildo.

She lay back totally spent, with the dildo still inside her.

I was still filming a close up of her pussy and my tongue licking it, and as I slowly withdrew the dildo a stream of my cum and pussy juice flowed out of her, and over the dildo head, which I duly made a show of licking up so Josh could watch.

I cleaned her pussy lips and pussy mound, and looked straight into the Phone lens as I ran my lips and tongue around the creamy cum covered dildo head.

"Did you like that Josh? We're going to do you like that for real!"

Josh couldn't answer as he was groaning and heavy breathing, lost in his own impending orgasm.

We watched him stroke his cock, and he put his other hand under his cock and we watched as thick ropes of cum splash into his palm.

Once again Vanessa was impressed and she exclaimed with wide open eyes "Oh my god Josh, that's so much cum. Fuck I wish you were here. Mike and I want to lick that up."

Josh thanked us for the good time, and we exchanged thanks and pleasantries, and finished up with a "See you soon."

My wife and I had a talk after, and we agreed it was pretty fun, and the kinkiest thing we had done together -- so far!

She really enjoyed the fact that it was our first time doing anything like that together.

I was totally impressed with how uninhibited she was, and how willing she was to please both Josh and me. She was so dirty and slutty -- and I fucking loved it.

But I didn't expect what she said next.

She told me that Josh was actually coming to Perth in a few months for work, and was going to be possibly living here for a couple of years.

She looked at me, with the question in her eyes and I had to ask. "Do you want to meet him in person -- for real?"

She looked a bit "sheepish" but replied "Would you be OK with that?"

"You mean like a real threesome?"

"Yeah, but only if you want to."

"Are you sure about that. Fantasy is one thing, and what we just did was really hot, but could you do it in reality?"

"Well, let's see what happens if he really comes here."

I can see that she was excited by the possibility, and I'm excited too.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined having a MMF threesome with my wife, and now she is the one pushing me to do it.

I was really excited by the thought of seeing my wife kiss Josh, and then dropping to her knees and sucking his cock.

I imagine her on her back - legs spread, and Josh above her, his huge cock erect, hard and dripping.

She grabs his shaft and steers it towards her pussy.

I imagined her looking at me as she did it. Teasing me. Watching my reaction as she rubs his cock head up and down her wet slit.

As he thrusts into her, she throws her head back and gasps, wraps her legs around his back and rocks her hips back and forth as he drives deep into her.

Her tits jump up and down with each thrust, and she moans and grunts with pleasure.

I imagine watching them, and then joining in.

I get under my wife in a 69, and Josh plunges into her pussy doggy style from behind.

As she sucks me I see her pussy lips sliding up and down his pussy juice covered shaft, and I alternate between licking her clit, tonguing his shaft and sucking both his balls into my mouth.

Josh alternates between fucking her, and fucking my mouth with his pussy juice covered shaft.

He increases his tempo inside her but fucks her shallow, just his cockhead moving slowly back and forth past her pussy lips, and I suck his balls and feel them convulse as he cums just inside the entrance of her tunnel.

As he withdraws his cock, I see Vanessa's vulva pulse, and a stream of pussy juice and his cum flows into my mouth, and he puts his cock in my mouth to suck out the last few drops. He then he rubs my face with his cock and I lick all Mae's pussy juice off it, and clean him up.

I push the thought out of my mind, and ask her another question.

"Hey babe, do you want to fuck Josh by yourself?"

I'm curious to hear her answer. Is she just suggesting a threesome because she wants to fuck this guy?

She hesitates and answers. "Would that OK with you?"

My answer should be no, I know, but I sense she really wants this, and she's been a loyal and faithful wife for 13 years, and I feel she deserves to experience this. I've been her only sexual partner in her whole life -- or so she tells me - and I'm not afraid of any comparison.

"Yeah. OK. Sure. I'll give you guys a chance to meet first and get to know one another, but I definitely want to be involved later." I tell her, and add, "So all that stuff you said about sucking him, and fucking him and swallowing his cum -- wasn't just for show was it? You really want to do all those things?"

"Yeah, I think so." she says quietly, and adds "Are you OK with that?"

I am, but I want to hear her say it. I want to hear her say "I want to suck his cock, fuck him and have him cum in my mouth."

She says it, and hearing it makes me hard.

I explain that I'm giving her this freedom because I love her and want her to experience anything she wants. No guilt.

I also remind her that we share him. He will be our plaything. Our "stunt cock"!

She agrees, but then says "Can I spend the night with him?"

I'm a bit taken aback, but then she goes even further and asks "Can I spend the weekend with him?"

WHAT THE FUCK!! What's going on here?

I'm not OK with this, and I realize that she has deeper feelings for Josh than I first thought.

She wants a romantic night, making love and then waking up in his arms, having breakfast together and then making love again. She wants to kiss and cuddle, spoon and feel his cum fermenting inside her for the whole weekend.

No, this is not good. This is crossing the line. Going too far. I remind her that we are married, and she agrees that will not change.

But I do want her to have a good experience, so I tell her that she can spend an evening with him say from 6pm to 11:30pm. This gives time for multiple love making, and perhaps dinner and romance in between.

I have a couple of stipulations, and those are that she takes some short videos of her sucking and fucking him, and especially of any facial or mouth cumshots. Each time he cums in her pussy she will put her panties on after to soak up his cum. If he cums on her tits or stomach, she doesn't wipe it off but spreads it over her skin for me to smell and taste later, or she can put her bra and clothes right on over it. She doesn't shower after any sex, and when she gets home I get to lick her out and fuck her.

"That's kinda strange babe!" she says. "Don't you want me cleaned up before I come home?"

"No!" I tell her. "I want to smell and taste him on you, and your clothes -- especially your panties and bra. I want to know you've been fucking him but still choose to come home and do me as well."

"OK." She says.

"OK" I reply. "So, it's a deal?"

"It's a deal." And she looks at me and asks. "Are you really OK with this? Aren't you going to be jealous?"

"I'm OK with it, and yes I'm going to be jealous. In fact the thought of you with another guy drives me a bit crazy -- but look!"

I stand up, and even though I've just cum 10 minutes earlier, I'm as hard as a rock.

In fact I doubt I've ever been harder in my life.

Hearing my wife express her desires honestly, has turned me on like never before.

She reaches out and starts stroking me. "Feel this babe." She says.

And she takes my hand and puts it on the outside of her pussy, but even there I can feel the dampness. Not dampness, she is totally wet and flowing freely down her thighs.

Her confessions of lust towards Josh, and my acceptance and permission for her to explore those feelings have made us both aroused.

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